Retreat Days
the schema therapy centre in milford-on-sea, hampshire

Our Retreat Days are intended for those wishing to have a taste of Multi-Sensory Therapy for mind, body and soul. They are ideal if you feel you've reached a crossroads, need to de-clutter your mind and move forwards.

The model was developed whilst we were running Nightingales - a residential retreat. Basically, the only difference now is that at the end of a day's programme, you return to accommodation nearby. There are plenty of hotels and B&Bs in the area.

If you don't want to drive, we can collect you from the train station and pick you up each day from where you are staying.

In a homely and peaceful environment we arm you with powerful and practical tools to free negative emotions and encourage the positive. Laughter is encouraged - as it really is the best medicine.

Schema Therapy will be part of every package.

Whilst you can't change the past, there are incidents that can be 're-invented' for the better. For 'Schema' to work well, you need to 'free your mind'. Multi-sensory therapy will help you to get to that place.

Our integrative, positive psychology reaches places other therapies can't reach! By osmosis it evolves according to your needs and from instant feedback. You'll utilise all your senses to be in the 'now', not worrying about the past or anxious about the future.

Stopping worrying long enough to be mindful / meditate is a problem for many people. Here, we’ll teach you our version of 'mindlessness'. This is a state where you are much more likely to absorb good, positive energy.

We'll help you get your life back in balance

The main aim of our Retreat Days is to get your life back in balance and help you feel happier. From time to time, even the most stable of us get out of kilter.

When we are low, we tend to see the negative side of everything.

It may be a cliché, but everybody hurts - sometime! Sadly, it is part of the human condition. We lose loved ones, we lose jobs. People leave us or they fail to understand.

Changing patterns that we know need changing is tough. Yet we have the power to eliminate most of the struggles in our lives. Whether it's a relationship issue, anxiety, or problems with work - the solutions may only be a few thoughts away.

Those thoughts can't be instilled in you by counselling or by reading books. It has to come from within. Multi-sensory Therapy aids that process.

our Schema Therapy retreat days will show you how you can increase your chances of living a more fulfilled life

Development of Multi-Sensory Therapy

The experience is different for everyone. Accepting and taking responsibility for things we can change is key. This can be a sticking point I've sought to address.

I first trained as a Therapist at St Bartholomew's Dept of Psychiatric Medicine in London. The seeds for my Multi-Sensory Therapy practice were sown back then.

My Master's from the Psychology Dept, Univ of Wales, focussed on 'Positivity'. Whilst undertaking Doctoral Research at Southampton Medical Faculty, my interest was brain function. It is now accepted that the brain has the ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. This neuro-plasticity (cortical remapping) can be evidenced in Schema patients.

The Schema Therapy model suits my modus operandi perfectly. It integrates seamlessly with my past professional experiences and my intuitive nature.

My original training in Schema Focus was at the Oxford Behavioural Centre with Prof Arnoud Arntz. Advanced Schema Training at the Warneford Hospital (Oxford) followed three years later. It was with two very experienced Clinical Psychologists from Holland (Drs Hannie van Genderen & Marleen Rijkeboer).

In addition, I have also attended workshops with Dr Jeff Young (founder of Schema Therapy). Half of my Schema supervision was done with an American Family Therapist who was very practical. The other half was undertaken with a Clinical Psychologist at Maastricht University, who was more academically biased. A good mix!

Add to my clinical experience my lifelong love of movement, dance and nature and my interest in Buddhism - and you begin to see how multi-sensory therapy developed. Retreat days contain a mix of talking therapies and activities to exercise all of your senses.

A dish of rosemary potatoes sizzling in the pan can be heard and seen. And the smell will linger long after the deliciousness has been appreciated by your sense of taste.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy may also be part of the mix. We want you to be able to make your new ways of thinking work when you leave here.

To that end, we work on an Activity List for mind, body and soul.

Common to everyone’s experience here will be Schema Focus Therapy. We try to address wellness of body as well as mind and spirit. Guests will be encouraged to be mindful of the food and drink they consume on a daily basis. All food here is organic.